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Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP solution aims to provide single software which will integrate all the divisions in your organization planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, HR and yet fulfill each division’s information and planning needs. ERP streamlines processes within your organization and helps you meet business needs more efficiently and quickly.

The goal of an ERP implementation is integrating your enterprise systems and providing better access to more accurate data. Suninformatic has extensive experience with number of ERP product implementations to our mid-market customers. Our consultants have experience in information technology and more years of skill development in the ERP software packages they deliver. We have highly skilled project managers, business and systems analysts and other technical resources to help you to realize your goal.

Suninformatic can help you to:

  • Assess the business and technical processes that drive your business
  • Identify process-reengineering opportunities that will streamline the flow of information
  • Recommend the best in breed software tools for your enterprise integrations
  • Design an implementation strategy that will ensure a successful deployment of the selected ERP software
  • Manage the implementation of the ERP software
  • Provide ongoing support as necessary

You can choose from a range of solutions and competencies for your ERP implementations.