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E-Business is the leveraging of Internet technologies to better manage day-to-day business processes. These processes are not limited to online marketing and sales, but encompass all business operations including customer relations, supply chain management, inventory control, manufacturing, and accounting.

Suninformatic can provide a range of solutions to your e-Business needs. From expert installation and support of off-the-shelf software components to custom configuration of today's complex e-Business systems we can help you determine the solution that will fit your needs. If your e-Business needs are unique, you can rely on Clifton Labs' experience in custom application development to tie your legacy systems into your e-Business strategy, and present your customers with a solution that is as unique as your business.

Depending on your business you may require a business to consumer (B2C) solution such as an electronic storefront or you may require a business to business (B2B) solution such as supply chain management or e-Procurement. Regardless of your requirements, Suninformatic has the expertise to provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.


Bring your products to the web with an electronic marketplace. Our e-Commerce solutions range from entry-level storefronts with small catalogs, online payment processing, and shipping calculations, to premier storefronts with many departments and categories, sophisticated catalog management tools, personalized content, and advanced reporting.

No storefront is complete without an educated sales staff that provides your customers with the service and support they require. Suninformatic can help you create this virtual sales staff by transforming your electronic storefront into a complete e-Marketplace containing valuable product information, application notes, newsletters, and support forums.

Your Internet presence is greatly increased by providing your customers with an unmatched resource for information and news. Suninformatic can provide you with the technical expertise required to design, implement, and deploy a website that will keep your customers coming back.

Business Automation

A complete e-Business solution does not stop with a killer website for your customers, but integrates all your business processes into a seamless solution that makes your day to day business activities easier to manage and understand. From the shop floor to the front office, Suninformatic can help automate your business processes and get the information you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Suninformatic has the experience and know-how required to connect your current business processes into your e-Business strategy. We can help you move information off the shop floor and into the enterprise where it can be used to drive decision making and supervise production. We can also help you move information from your e-Business applications onto the shop floor where it can be used to drive production.


Suninformatic provides tailored solutions using industry standard technologies for the enterprise. For over 6 years, our team members have been satisfying customers with quality software solutions delivered on-time and on-budget.