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Client Services

Suninformatic is a leading provider of full-service staffing solutions for a broad range of companies throughout the Hyderabad and nationally. Our recruiters can assist you with your specific staffing needs in all key staffing areas: Direct Placement: Our research capabilities, industry expertise, extensive network of contacts and determination allows us to find the top performers that best fit your particular requirements.

Interim Staffing

We recruit highly qualified interim professionals for companies seeking an alternative to regular staffing as a strategy for growth.

Right-Fit Services

Our staffing solutions deliver the right talent to you with right-fit innovative services that include compatibility assessment, private videoconferencing, outplacement and relocation assistance.

We are committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed levels of quality and service. We have already accomplished this goal for numerous clients. It's a mission we're ready to fulfil for you.

How We Do It

As part of the Suninformatic network, Suninformatic Nationwide commands state-of-the-art tools that help you make the right decision about your company's most important asset—your people.

Search and Selection Process

Ask about our proven comprehensive strategy for securing the best talent.


Protect your company's confidentiality with our confidential search services.

Compatibility Assessment

Avoid costly hiring mistakes with expert recruiters through Suninformatic, our reliable compatibility assessment tool.

International Staffing

Leverage our global network to meet your international recruiting needs.

Project Outsourcing

Let us create a nationwide project team for your large staffing assignments.


Conduct long-distance face-to-face interviews with Videoconferencing by Suninformatic.

Relocation Services

Reduce impediments associated with relocating candidates with Suninformatic's innovative relocation services that include cost-of-living analysis, moving and travel assistance.

How To Engage Us

Our flexible engagement options include retained search, priority search and contingency search. Contact us to learn more and to determine which option is right for your recruiting needs.